Bulk Sms & Voice Calls

The contribution of mobile users are expanding day by day all over the world. Therefore, use of Bulk SMS Messaging Service is on its height these days. If we discuss usage and control of Bulk SMS in India and abroad, it’s very smooth with web based login panel, Bulk SMS(Short Message Service) software’s and Excel Plugins is an additional feature to deliver SMS from excel files.  It is very easy to use software while Log-in to web based panel, you can make group like clients, employees, family members and upload numbers according to the groups from excel and text files, While sending message we can prefer all groups or a particular group to whom you want to send and write sms in the message box then click on send button or timetable sms to send in future. The desired msg will be delivered in couple of seconds and answer of customers get you inbox in few minutes. You can likewise check delivery records of sent SMS which shows you which sms is delivered or lapsed because of any reason.

 Why choose us for your bulk sms/msg gateway provider?

  • Bulk Message demo detail is 100% free.
  • You can deliver group messages online and use online text messenger 3.0
  • We use superior SMS gateway for Transactional SMS Or OPEN DND(Do Not Disturb) Routes.
  • Daily reports and Message history are accessible in control panel.
  • We provide bulk SMS sender-id in 6 alphabets.
  • You can manage like add, edit and delete sms groups.
  • Get OPT IN & OUT service for transactional sms with long code.
  • There are more than 26,000 mass sms clients in India.
  • We will give you market competing price.
  • Message delivered in 3-10 seconds on premium gateways.
  • Bulk sms gateway API available for software & web developers.
  • We provide cheap sms bulk service in India as compared to others.
  • We also provide international bulk sms/msg service.
  • We also offer Hindi sms with Unicode sms features.
  • We have functional sms sending features with excel file.
  • We offer sms templates to add, edit and delete.
  • 24×7 hours surveillance support also available in emergency, If required.


bulk sms

bullet Promotional SMS/MSG (Without DND delivery)

 Quality / Credits

 Price in Paisa / sms

 Amount in Rs (INR)

1  Lac       sms

12.0 Paisa


2  Lac       sms

11.5 Paisa


5  Lac       sms

10.0 Paisa


10 Lac       sms

 9.0 Paisa


25 Lac       sms

  8 Paisa


50 Lac+       sms

 7.5 Paisa


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  bullet Transactional SMS/MSG ( With DND delivery)

 Quantity / Credits

 Price in Paisa / sms


 1  Lac      sms



 2  Lac      sms



 5  Lac      sms



 10 Lac      sms



25 Lac      sms



50 Lac      sms



1 Crore+   sms



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We at Wise Business Technologies(WBT) hand over the inventive solutions in the field of Bulk SMS(Short Message Service) Services, Brief Code SMS provider, Long Code SMS Supplier, Bulk Voice Calls, Hosted IVR, Mobile Marketing, Miss Call Solution, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Receptionist, International Bulk SMS and Mobile Application Development in INDIA, United Kingdom and New Zealand Since 2014 having headquarter in Panipat, Haryana.

Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk voice calls are taped voice messages to a mobile or landlines networks beyond the country. Voice Call empowers you to communicate with your customers by calling on their Mobile/Land-phone wherever in India with a prerecorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.

Voice Calls are completely computerised process hence no operators or dialers need to process the call, once the system is fixed with your pre-recorded messages and contact list through our user friendly online control panels then our system starts calling beneficiary and plays your taped voice message.

Voice SMS helps you to boost your business. You can contribute your advice to the customers, clients or with your companion and any other group. It is the way where you can explicit your emotions, your bliss to someone you want. You can let your customers to know about your events. You can send aspiration to your friends through Voice SMS. It’s an economical way to be in touch with your friends and family and even a safe way to deliver the message/information.


  • No structure fees, No monthly fees, No hidden cost
  • You can send Voice Message/Information in your own language.
  • Upload .mp3 or .wav Files
  • You can add human taste to your messages.
  • Call will not be conveyed on DND(Do Not Disturb) Numbers.
  • Payment only for answered calls.